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28 November 2006 @ 08:53 pm
Veronica Mars, Gilmore Girls  
name: Sidonie or Skid
age/DOB: 23, August 3rd 1983
location: London, United Kingdom
shows you watch on the cw: Veronica Mars and Gilmore Girls
How long have you been a fan?: VM for about 2 years Gilmore for about 3 months, just got the first season on dvd from my dvd rental thing
Favorite character(s)?: VM: Veronica - of course, Mac - loooove Tina, Logan - Was always a LoVe shipper, GG: The girls of course, Rory and Loreli, Miss Patty always amuses me
favorite ships?: VM: LoVe
What is in your LJ?:  My general rants, anything creative I make/do which is seriously lacking of late.
What are your other fandoms?: Buffy, Angel, Dawson's Creek, Bon24, Lost (but less so each month), Grey's Anatomy, House, just started watching Prison Break but not obsessive about it, same with Ally McBeal, My So-Called Life, How I Met Your Mother, Battlestar Galactica, Firefly/Serenity, That 70's Show (only seen up to season 3 though), Scrubs, 
Did you watch any of the previous seasons?: All of them
Favorite character(s): V and Mac
Least favorite character: Duncan, and Meg in the 2nd season
Favorite Episode?: Ack this is hard but the one where Logan and V first kiss at the end of season 1, can not remember its name.
Leaste Favorite Episode?: Not sure
Veronica/Logan, Veronica/Duncan or Veronica/someone else?: LoVe
Any other ships?: I'd like Mac to have someone nice maybe wallace
Were you a fan of any of the Actors befor the show?: Alison Hannigan, Charisma Carpenter and Joss Wheadon were the reason I started to watch, but none of the others no.
What would you like to see happen later this season?: To know why the hell V ended up at Hearst not Stanford, and to know what happened over the summer with Cassidys death etc
How obsessed are you?: Very very very
Do you <3 Dick?: Hmm still not sure
Is this season better or worst then the last?: Some ways better some ways not
Favorite Mystery?: Season 1 Lilly Kane arc
If you could live in Neptune, would you?: I think I would yes
Favorite Quote/Scene?: God theres far too many and everytime I rewatch the dvds I am reminded of something I loved.

Did you watch any of the previous seasons?: I've just watched season 1, waiting for season 2 to come on dvd rental
Favorite character(s): Loreli and Rory
Least favorite character: Max Medina
Who do you ship with Loreli?: Luke
Were you a fan of any of the Actors befor the show?: Nope
What would you like to see happen later this season?: I'll tell you when I catch up with it
How obsessed are you?: I almost bought the DVDs just to see it but I'm too broke to buy them
Are you sad that this is possibly the last season?: Yes as I've just Discovered it
If you could live in Stars Hollow, would you?: Could be interesting to
Favorite Quote/Scene?: THere are far too many quotes already that made me go oooh, not that I remembered to write them down.

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