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14 February 2007 @ 12:06 am
been a member for a while, first time poster.
name: Trys or Trystan
age/DOB: 830
location: State of Insanity
shows you watch on the cw: Supernatural
How long have you been a fan?: since November 05
Favorite character(s)?: Dean
favorite ships?: John/Aeryn
What is in your LJ?: Dean, Jensen, picspams, episode reviews, chaos, polls, memes, icons, ramblings, and random stuff.
What are your other fandoms?: on-air: 24, Lost, Rescue Me, The Ben & Claudia Show, the 4400, Monk, Law & Order (all three), Crossing Jordan, Medium, Las Vegas, Nip/Tuck. off-air: First Wave, Farscape, Forever Knight, and lots more at my LJ.

Did you watch the entire first season?: oh yeah
Favorite character: Dean
Least favorite character: Dad
Dean or Sam (or both)?: Dean
Favorite Episode?: the one with Dean in it
Favorite Urban Myth?: all of 'em, i'm a UL junkie
Are You Superstitious?: maybe
Do you believe in Ghosts?: yeah
Were you a fan of any of the Actors before the show?: nope, first time i'd seen 'em
What would you like to see happen later this season?: Dean. and Sam. i have no idea, honestly. i'm on Kripke's roller-coaster ride for the thrill of it.
Favorite Weapon from the show?: Dean's crossbow!!
If the Winchester men came up to you and asked you to hunt with them, and you couldnt wuss out, would you do it?: oh yeah
How obsessed are you?: ....define "obsessed." *snerk*
Are you a fan of Wincest?: hell NO
Do you want Daddy Winchester back?: not really
Favorite Quote/Scene?: the one where Dean or Sam says someting.
Current Location: my happy fangirly place
Current Mood: giddyfangirly
Current Music: launchcast