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cw_friending's Journal

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Welcome to cw_friending! This is a community for fans of tv shows on the cw (previously WB and UPN). Come, join, fill out a few simple questions, and post it in the community and let the friending begin!


one Please ONLY post the surveys, nothing else. And please stick to the topic.
two All posts are moderated, meaning they must be okayed by a mod before they're posted. So your post wont show up right away.
three No bashing/flaming will be tolerated. If this happens, depending on the sevarety, the person doing the flaming will be banned!
four Any pictures larger than 400px must be placed under an lj-cut.. also, no more than two pictures can be outside an Lj-cut.
five Be respectful of others. If you are not a fan of a show that is posted, then do not comment on that post.
six Please don't post if you're only here to make your friends list bigger. This is a place to find people who enjoy what you enjoy, a place to make your friends list more fun to read!
seven Please dont post more than once every two weeks. Depending on how big this community gets, that might change.
eight If you're answers to the questions are long, please put under an lj-cut!
nine NO NETSPEAK! No TyPiNg LyK dIs... it's annoying!

.shows on the cw

mondays Everybody Hates Chris, All of Us, Girlfriends, The Game
tuesdays Gilmore Girls, Veronica Mars
wednesdays America's Next Top Model, One Tree Hill
thursdays Smallville, Supernatural
fridays Friday Night Smackdown!
sundays Reba, 7th Heaven, America's Next Top Model

.the survey

Please copy and paste this into a new post, then fill it out! In the subject of your post, PLEASE POST THE NAME(S) OF YOUR FAVORITE SHOW(S). This is Important for a few reasons. It allows up to keep up the memories easier, and it allows the readers to know your favorite shows without having to skim your entire survey.. If you dont do this, your post will be rejected.

.possible second survey

these surveys are optional, you do not have to fill them out, but if you do decide to, they MUST be under a cut, and be posted in the same entry as the previous survey. You can choose as many as you want.. or none. :D

Gilmore Girls


Veronica Mars


One Tree Hill

America's Next Top Model

Everybody Hates Chris

All Of Us


The Game

Friday Night Smackdown!

</b>7th Heaven</b>


*suggest a question
*the official cw site


Please comment here if you would like to affiliate!


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